Complete Convenient: Book Review

It’s long time I saw new release section of Flipkart, last time when I had a look - Book with the name Complete  Convenient took my attention not because of its(book) name or content but because of surname "Bhagat". Name of the author is bhagat... Ketan Bhagat. I am sure you all will be thinking of India's bestseller author Chetan Bhagat. To relax your nerves would like to tell that "yes" they are brothers.  

That is why I ordered this book. I was not sure what will be in the book, as the name does not suggest any thing. I picked up this book from my shelf while going to Chandigarh; I reached 1 and half hour early to New Delhi railway station when I started this book. Rest every word in this post might appear praise about the book.

Book is about delhi lad "kabir". Starts with roommates in Mumbai, then how he get married , flew to Australia - A new place, with new peers , new people. How life changes with every incident happening in his family, organization he works for , client , peers and so on.

I would not waste your time in writing more about the story, but for surely write who and why you should read this book.

If you want refresh yourself with a book that touches your life in some way or another - You must read
If you were looking for book that can make you laugh and cry - You must read
If you friends whom you have not call from long time - You must read
If you think life in Foreign land is all rosy - You must read
If you are in IT working for some western client - You must read
IF you are in IT sales - You must read
If you dream to go and live in foreign country - You must read
If you are newlywed - You must read
If you want to peep in the life of North Indians - You must read.
If your wife and mother fight - You must read
If you and your father fight often - You must read
If you think India is not a country to live in, Rapes, murder, and corruption everywhere - You must read

At last if you don't fall in any category then above even then - You must read. 

After writing who all should read, i will tell why you should read.

Now days lots of new authors are ready with their book where a boy, girl, an erotic page and some drama. At the end of the day, you forget the story; you just remember the book name and not the story. This is not the case with Complete  Convenient.

I bet you. Once you will start reading this book , you will not stop until you read it complete. Don't read this in public places because this book will make laugh, cry and make faces. The person sitting next to you might have some wrong expression about you. So be ready for a refreshing book.

The characters like mama jee (Mother's brother), kabir's mother and Myra are everywhere.

At last just want to praise "Ketan" for writing this book. He has used simple words, which is not generally the trend among now a day's authors. Awesome work Ketan.

Book you can't gave a miss. A Must read.

Book: Complete / Convenient
Author :Ketan Bhagat
Publisher : Srishti Publishers

Ohh! Gods Are Online: Book Review

"Ohh Gods are online" something different was in the name that attracted me in the "New release" section of Flipkart where I spotted this book at first. My brain got tandoori (thrilled) thinking about what will be in the book."How come gods can be online"??

This Book is written by Rashma and George Dixon. I must say that this book is very unique in many ways.
1) Name
2) Creativity content of the book.
3) Authors of the book have never met in persons
4) How we got this book to review. This is also unique

Book is all about Christ(Chris), Budha Roy, Krishna Gods how facebook /social networks fascinates them. How they contact each other online via facebook. Authors have also portrayed some characters like "Sunderaman”,"Shiny", Young Doctor which keep readers guessing what happens next. Chris wears jeans living in England, Krishna works as a pantry boy, born out of Mother yashodha was a prostitute in her 20’s.

In India we are always taught god is omnipresent and he lives with us in one form of another. This is the central idea of book where Krishna works for corrupt and lusty person Sunderaman.

Authors have also penned beautifully how people react when they reach heaven or other side of world.
Book is very creative, new idea, something different which i have read before. If you are looking for love and thriller stories then this would not be your cup of tea.You have to keep some patience while reading the book. Only then you will enjoy the characters and reading.

Final verdict:

Book is very thoughtfully written and very creative. Creativeness is both pros and cons of this book. Book is much ahead of it times. I will suggest this book for those readers who can digest creative content.

Book: Ohh! Gods Are Online
Author : Rashma N. Kalsie and George Dixon
Publisher : Srishti Publishers
ISBN : 9789380349947

Am I Blogger ???

BLOGGING, I heard this amazing word from a person who is very close to my heart .He is none other than my husband!!!! I was so inspired with his thoughts after few month of our marriage I started my own blog. Although being in own world, what I started was a technical and yes my day to day life is surrounded by it .For me writing a blog was usual submitting technical paper related to my work , helping people getting stuck over a issue. It actually never gave me an amazing feeling.

But I didn’t knew that feeling was soon gone change. One day as usual working in busy routine at office, I got a call from my hubby. When I picked his call, there was unusual enthuse in his voice. He sound so excited that I had to take a break from my work. I asked what it is all about, why are you so excited? Controlling all his emotion he said there is an Indi Blogger meet that is going to happen at Hayt sponsored by Ambi Pure, get you registered to it. Honestly being lazy in nature, I was in no mood to attend this meet but THANK GOD!!! may be due to my husband, I did it.

It was 6th July, 2013, after completing all household chores we reached sharp at 12:00 PM at Hayt .Very few people came by that time. We (a bunch of people) were standing near entrance, then Rohit came and broke the silence and introduced himself with all .Then I meet Priya,Shaivi,Priti and Geetanjali During our conversation I came to know it’s there 5th meet that they are attending. They started sharing their previous experience of meet. Being acquainted with crowd they started finding people whom they know and interact and are in touch since they meet in Indi blogger meet. Soon I realized where am I , this is a totally new word where conversation among people is not limited to their onsite travel , technical issues . This is a new breed of people that I have been interacting with one writer by profession, one banker, one Ayushman khuranna Wikipedia account holder and interior decorator ..endless. To my surprise this was just beginning, when we settle event started and time moved unnoticing.

Event started with mind refreshing movements and sharing and gaining Ambi pure effectiveness to people interaction. I could feel so much intellect around me, here age is no limit if you are 15 years or 50 years doesn’t matter. If you are not on Twitter then you missed something. I came to know that best twitte would be awarded Play station. This was not the only gift that we got so many Nokia Lumia 720 , Nokia headsets, accessories and many more were there. After fabulous lunch we settle again in 20 minutes. Now it was time for Ambi Pure representative to let us through details of the product. I actually didn’t know it was so effective; they in the start of the event even took people from crowd to show its effectiveness. I was also not aware that Ambi puri is available in 5 amazing fragrances – Hawii .  Thanks a lot to Indiblogger and Ambi pure for organizing such an amazing event and giving all the participants free samples for Ambi pure and T-shirts.

A Great Drive - Entry for Michelin Pilot Experience by Jagdish

It was Sunday afternoon we started from Meerut. We were coming after meeting Vivek, who just have returned from US after 5 years. We all were roommates back in Hyderabad.

After long time we all met and had fun, last one and half days were just awesome, we just had some much fun. We discussed jobs, salaries, our dreams, marriages, girlfriend/wives not only ours but others too J .
We were on our way back to Noida (where we live). Only one thing our parents asked for was the time before which we have to reach home, Meerut is notorious for many reasons. We were in mayank's swift car which he bought couple of months back.

Loud music, 80 km/h speed (Decent on this highway), pleasant weather and days we(me, Mayank and Vivek)  had in Hyderabad were in our eyes. It was just divine feeling. We were just 30 km before noida, suddenly with a burst sound, our car was out of control, moving in zig zag pathway, We were about to crash, Mayank's great driving skills came handy and we landed somehow safe. Came out of the car and saw our front wheels have been punctured. Closer look revealed bunch of nails in both tyres, this seems to be a conspiracy, already Delhi Meerut highway is known for goons. About 50 meters away from the car, we saw a board - "Tyre Puncture wala". Mayank went to shop and called the guy.

Tyre wala astonishing asked 1000 rs for a fix. We know that he is taking full advantage of the situation. But we did not had any other option at that time. We nodded our head and he started working over it. Mayank started taking to Mahesh (Puncture wala).
Mayank to Mahesh “Mahesh we know that you only have put the nails on road, we also know that price you are charging us is many folds more than, we would have paid in noida or Delhi"
"Why are you doing so?" “Don’t you dare of god”
Suddenly Mahesh break down in to tears “sir I am very good man, I know I have to pay for these bad deeds." "But i don’t have any option"
Mayank "what do you mean"?

Mahesh "Sir i am very poor guy hardly earn much from this, from past two day my younger son is very ill and i don't have money for treatment"
Me to Mayank “he is making us fool, he will use this money for alcohol in the evening, don’t listen to him"
But something else was going in Mayank's mind.

Mayank "Mahesh we would like to see you kid"

Me to Mayank “Are you out of your mind, we even don't know him. He will loot us and will take your car with his gang."

Mayank to me “We need to see".

After 20 mins car was fixed and now tyre wala(Mahesh), Mayank and me started towards Mahesh’s home. House was shabby, old and torn out, i was not able to make difference between road and house boundaries. We went inside, a small kid age of about 8 years was lying on the bed and his mother was sitting near the kid with tears in her eyes.
I was just in complete silence, blank, don’t know what to say.
One has to do many wrong things in the life which we even know that this is worng.
I was not sure what to say, Mayank asked me "how much you have in your wallet, i said 1K" he added mine to his 2k and gave 3k (3000 Rs) to Mahesh and asked him to get treatment for his kid.

We started back to noida; we drive for next 20 minutes without taking to each other. In actual , we were talking to each other. Hope that child is fine now

This was one the most memorable journey of mine

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Interview with Rashma N. Kalsie - Author of the Book Ohh! Gods are Online

Let me Introduce Rashma with you all –

Rashma is author of the recently launched book "Ohh Gods are Online".She is writer-playwright. She have been writing for several years. Her attempts at writing started with a novel at age 13. 

Tandoori Brain :  Tell us more about you, educational background,hobbies and dislikes -

Rashma : Ohh! Gods Are Online.. is my first novel. Even though I was trained and worked as a dietitian I knew I had a calling. I enrolled in courses in TV Journalism, playwriting etc and took up script writing assignments alongside. I have contributed articles and stories to Indian magazines and e-zines.  My play, The Lost Dog, won grants last year from Australian government and ran to a full house. The play got international media attention and rave reviews. In November, 2012, I was invited to present a paper on play writing and play production, at Friday Salon in Cincinnati, Ohio. I love trail walking in Australia, apart from reading and writing. Reading and making up stories with my eight year old daughter is just as enjoyable and rewarding.
Image credits : Facebook Page

Tandoori Brain :Tell us more about the book “Ohh Gods are online” - 

Rashma: Ohh! Gods Are Online.. is my debut novel co-authored with an English writer I have never met. We met online and decided to write a story without discussing or pre-meditating on the plot. Ohh! Gods Are Online..  is a mix of fantasy, humor and philosophy. The book was written in a two year long to and fro of mails. Ohh! Gods Are Online..  proves that internet is bringing people and religions closer. Here Krishna and Christ are Facebook friends and Buddy Roy or Buddha is a computer geek. Philosophical exchange between Gods is offset with human stories that have been woven into the main Gods story. Ati, is the God of atheists and has his own fan following. Sunderaman, an epitome of lust, greed and corruption is a lovingly despicable character who is reformed and redeemed in the end.  His ordeals and transformation are hilarious because Gods punish him till he does not realize the worth of human life. The relationship between God and his mother is in keeping with the tradition. Hindu beliefs of reincarnation and karma have not been compromised for the international reader. To a lay reader it is a story with Gods and Facebook, for the discerning reader there is magic realism and philosophy. Ohh! Gods …. is an outcome of my search for life’s meaning.

Tandoori Brain: How does writing became your love , how did all started.

Rashma : I turned a voracious reader at age seven. As mentioned before I wrote my first novel at age 13. Writing is an expression of our inner world and a reflection of the world around us. I took several detours before settling down to write full time.

Tandoori Brain: Tells us most memorable part in journey of “ohh gods are online”.

Rashma : The most memorable part was the writing of the book. We had to write without discussing and plotting. It was exciting to read what Phil had written and how he had turned the story around.  We enjoyed writing Gods Beach Party chapter the most.

Tandoori Brain: You write articles, playwright, also associated with NGO, Who is your inspiration, Motivation behind all your hard work?

Rashma : I am the founder of Indian Diaspora Dramatics Association, a registered NGO in Australia. The association has been formed to keep Indian drama, culture and values alive in Australia.  Racial biases and acculturation challenges faced by Indians in Australia are expressed in plays and presented to Australian government and the people of Australia, by the foundation.I am impelled to write by a force outside me. I have no reason to push myself. I have tried giving up writing but it draws me back. If I choose, I can live a comfortable, domestic life of peace and luxury, but I prefer to toil. I relate to human pain, human condition and therefore I placed Krishna in a slum in India.  Writing for me is more of a spiritual-psychological need than an ambition.

Tandoori Brain: What are your future plans?

Rashma : I am working on my second book with Phebe, my teacher in America. The book is about writing practice, women writers, and life. It looks at life and writing as a practice from the eyes of women writers in two continents and from two cultures.  

Tandoori Brain: Any message to our Readers.

Rashma : Ohh! Gods Are Online.. is a highly creative book.  Read it with an open mind and open heart and you will feel warm and good about life.

Find out more about Rashma here
Book Website
Facebook Page

Book is available at all leading book stores and Online websites.

I Saw I learnt and I felt

It was 4 o clock in the morning, me and my best friend Atul were sleeping in the Posh A/C Volvo bus, with reclining chairs and soft woolen quilt on us. Sleep, that to after marriage of one of your best friend over the weekend is priceless. I clearly remember that was Monday morning and we were returning from Jaipur to New Delhi.
Me and Atul works in same organization and in same team. We just had one thing in our mind that we need to be in office before 10 as we had code movement today (from testing region to Production). Suddenly bus makes a big jerk sound and driver applies emergency breaks. We were thrown out of our seats. This was the most unusual way I ever woke up in my life. Within 5 seconds everybody was out of bus looking for the driver, to kick his a** for not driving well.
As soon as we came out of bus we all were struck, there was a fatal accident between an auto rickshaw and Tractor trolley. Auto Rickshaw and front part of tractor was completely damaged. Auto rickshaw driver was lying on the ground with blood coming from his head and shoulders/Chest. But he was still alive, had some signs of conciseness. Tractor driver was lucky and had just some scars and a broken hand.

Image source

As it was 4 in morning there was no traffic on that road. One of the passenger called police and informed the same. Within fraction of minutes all went back to their seats, I too came back. Bus was about to start I realized Atul was not at his seat. I came out of the bus; He was talking to Indica car owner who just like us, was passing by and made a stop to see the accident. I shouted “Atul Come, Bus is about to start” he did not listen in to me, I went close to him, he was convincing the indica driver so that he can take the auto wala to hospital. I tried convincing Atul that in no time police will be here and they will take him to hospital. Atul did not pay any heed to me. Bus driver was honking. For a moment I thought he is right, we should take him to hospital, but at the same time image of team manger came in to my mind, as it was D day in the office after 8 months of hard work.

Driver Shouted at us “Do you guys want to come, passengers are shouting at me (driver), they are getting late”. I had to make decision, D Day or Atul and Autowala. I just closed my eyes and replied to bus wala “Bhaia you go, we will come our own”. With in that period of time Atul was able to convince him (Indica Driver) to take that auto driver to hospital. With lighting speed we shifted him in Indica and after 10 mins drive we found a hospital. He was in Emergency ward, team of doctor of and nurses were around him. Doctor asked us to wait outside. After 25 mins doctor came out and told, “We are shifting him in operation theater, if you guys have not brought him in these 10 mins, he would have died.  This was very crucial time.  
After waiting 1 hour outside the operation theater, doctor came and said he is fine, he needs 15 days rest and we need to re examine. In the meanwhile auto driver father came in. He was full of tears. He father was telling atul that he is only bread winner of house. I turned my face to hide my eyes which were full of tears. This incident wobbled me from inside. I promise myself , I will not repeat my mistake in future by not offering help to injured people on road or anywhere else. May be it could be me, you or some body dearest of ours, Lying in the pool of blood on the road someday. We need to put our thinking hats and do something for this cause. This was all what I saw and what I learnt.Hope this write up pass the message which i want to spread.

I am sharing what 'I Saw and I Learnt' at in association with

The Game Changers - Book Review

Couple of months back I was travelling to Bhopal, picked up this book “The Game Changers” from the vendor on the station. I had only few minutes to read the cover page “Book about 20 extraordinary men from IIT Kharagpur”. Being an engineer that to from “not so” famous college, always get fascinated about the stories of engineers and MBA from IIT and IIM.

As the name suggests this book is about 20 people who not only created their own niche but also brought a positive effect on society, technology and many other aspect of life. I had a pre determined notion in my mind about the book, that it will be full of motivation and tales, how they tasted success.

Book detail out list of people including - Arvind Kejriwal, Vinod Gupta and Sridhar Mitta.

However I feel authors (Yuvnesh Modi, Rahul Kumar, Alok Kothari - themselves IIT students) tried their best to put all the relevant aspects of their (20 people) lives. Starting from Engineering days to initial hiccups they faced and how they managed to taste success. Book also articulate practical tips for young entrepreneurs, written in simple English, you don’t have to keep looking dictionary app in your mobile.

The Only thing I feel down about this book (my personal opinion), Authors has tried to pen down stories 20 legends which leave little room for them to detailing more motivating parts of their life.

Over all I will give thumps up for Book. I will recommend this book for budding entrepreneurs, Students who are looking business as their career option. If you are Rashmi Bansal Fan, You might like this book too.

Publisher: Random House India

Category: Non-Fiction