Why you should love Cashback sites and hate Discount coupons sites

Before you start reading the post, I want you to think for minute.

“What is the first thing you do after finalizing the product you want to buy while shopping online?"

Yes, you should admit that everybody including you looks for Coupons, Offers,promo & Discounts before you make payment.

You jump from one coupon website to other, click numerous pop up sites which you hate to visit otherwise. You end up opening numerous tabs, browsers. 

Even after spending lot of time you just increase your confusion and problems rather than making life easy which you always thought about shopping online.

Many times after spending your valuable time on coupons, you jump in joy after finding a coupon which you are looking for.

But wait here is the hidden trick in discount coupons.

You had finalized a product of 1300 Rs on abc.com (just for an example), But they are giving 20% discount on total purchase of 1499. 

Now trick comes in to play there is nothing worthy which comes in 199 Rs (1499-1300).  You end buying something worthy and that just have small price tag on it.
For instance add another item for 300 Rs Now the total Cart amount is 1600.

CONGRATULATIONS !!!   20% discount applied   

 You are happy with your 20% discount which is 320 and you got two products in 1380. 

Wooo !!!  That seems to be a nice deal. 

There is another catch
What that’s now? You brain must be getting Tandoori right??

When you were browsing thru various coupons site, you clicked on one of the affiliate link (Commission)
like this
Coupon Promo Code on tandooribrain
which help that coupon site earning 5-15% of your total money you spent. Assuming 10% of the commission on 1380 , you lost 138 Rs of your hard earned money.
So next question in your mind would be

What should I do to save this money ? 

Use #Cashback sites like

These cashback sites not only help you buy the product and save more money, also help you in saving a lot of time and resources.

All the above listed #Cashback site not only gives you the cashback but also have same coupon at one place which you were looking all over the web.

Happy Saving !!

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WhatsApp Web is not working for you : Step by Step Guide for Windows User

Earlier Today Whatsapp have released web client  for whatsapp. Please find more about this here

WhatApp is not working for you on windows, here is the quick guide 

Step 1 : Login to https://web.whatsapp.com/

Step 2: Open the Whats app on your mobile and Press the three Dots, see picture below

Step 3:  You will see four options there , press on whatsapp web option , If you dont see this , Please check if you have installed latest version from marketplace . It should be (2.11.634) as  we write the post.Please update the app and open the Whatsapp again.

Step 4: Following the above 3 option press on whatsapp web option on mobile. Scan the QR Code on browser tab where you have opened the https://web.whatsapp.com/.

Step 5 : Hold your hand firm while scanning the QR Code and Vola !!! you are good to go . enjoy the web app of whatsapp.

Whatsapp mobile is currently not available for Iphone , If you have further issues do follow below link

Topcashback India Review

TopCashback Websites In India 

With the boom in online shopping, there is rapid rise of cashback websites. Choosing the right cash back site is very important decision. You put lots of efforts in collecting cashback from various sites by purchasing a number of products and spending huge money. Once you reached the minimum amount that can be encashed or transferred to your account, you come to know actual website review. I have seen many people fighting on social media for their cashback with Customer care of the cashback sites, which could be both waste of time and money. 

We are in process reviewing few good website that offer cashback.

We are done with cashkaro , gopaisa and Pennyful ; In below post we will be reviewing topcashback india

History of Topcashback : 

Topcashback is UK based cashback site which operate in UK, US and have recently entered in India. They have more than 1.5 Million members of topcashback.

How do Topcashback works? 

They basically pass the commission back to their member who get referred from there website to various e-commerce vendors like flipkart, amazon , snapdeal and infibeam.

So what make Topcashback a good cashback site ?

  • They claim to pay highest cashback or should say 100% of cashback back to customer and earn for themselves from other avenues like advertisement etc.
  • No Minimum Payout – This make topcashback really top on my list 
  • They have highest number of online stores.
  • There are many other ways of earning free cashback like filling surveys, trying new products and reviewing them.No Other site offer as of now.
  • Money transfer via NEFT, I hope they will offer more options in future
  • They have awesome dashboard to show details about transactions, clicks and performance, month wise. They have best dashboard among all cash back sites I have reviewed.

  • Awesome mobile support, Website is really easy to use.  
  • They have awesome feature called Cashback Notifier, which is basically a browser addon for firefox, chrome and Safari.  Best among all cash back sites.
  • They have vendors like shine.com and many more which you can’t find on any cashback site.

  • They have few vendors like flipkart and amazon under category “Faster Paying” cashback from the is confirmed within 30 days.
  • Option to add vendors to your favorites. No Site have this feature.
  • Only negative review which I am able to find is that website have reference of Uk site like type of payout which might confuse some of users.

Overall Very Good , I should say best site that we have reviewed so far, still waiting ??. Click here to join

How to save money with Gopaisa - Review

In past 2 year with the increase in penetration of e-commerce website like flipkart,amazon and snapdeal have changed way people buy and shop. Many sisters sites or I should say sites which don’t sell anything but act as source referring more and more customers to e-commerce portal. They refer the customer to portal like flipkart and amazon for, in lieu of which they get some commission out of it. Cashback site like cashkaro, pennyful and gopaisa are major cashback website which  refer the customer to e-commerce portal , they share the revenue (earned by refereeing) with the registered users of website.
 If you are looking for specific information on cashkaro or pennyful , we have already written about them. Below are links

How does Cashkaro.com works 

Pennyful.in Review

Gopaisa is leading cashback site which promises highest commission to it registered users in comparison.

How you can be part of gopaisa and earn your cashback.
Go to Gopaisa.com  and register yourself. Once you register, 25 Rs is credited to you account .
Now for every purchase you make thru gopaisa, you will get some cashback, which will credited to your account in 48 hours and will confirmed in 30/60 days depending upon the policy of website you made purchase.

To do this you have gopaisa search bar and type the desired e-commerce portal from where you wish to make purchase. Search result will show some links and coupons related to portal you searched for. Click the appropriate link and it will refer to the portal you which to buy. Make your purchase and sit back. Cash back will be credited to you account. 

You Can review your account and see your transaction history / cash back summary and host of reports.

One thing I really liked about gopaisa is the payment policy. 
  1. To make your first withdrawal, you need a minimum of Rs 149 in your GoPaisa account for using Mobile Recharge option and Rs. 199 for using other withdrawal methods.
  2. For subsequent withdrawals, Minimum Redemption amount for Mobile Recharge is Rs. 50 and for other withdrawal methods is Rs. 100
Also they have four withdrawal options
- Bank Transfer
- Mobile Recharge
- DTH Recharge
- E-Vouchers

Also they give Rs 50 on refereeing each friend you refer on the website.

So what you are waiting for, Click here to join

Miles to Run before I Sleep : Sumedha Mahajan

Recently I was reading something on twitter, I came across a book “Miles to Run before I Sleep” , I was about to move to next tweet but something struck me with the second line “How an Ordinary Woman Ran an Extraordinary Distance” . I waited for sec and went ahead to read more about the book. Book is based on true story of Sumedha Mahajan , born in Amritsar and living in Mumbai. She was born with asthma, in a family where every body was a sports enthusiast .

Modi Desk Calendar Flipkart

Flipkart have launched Modi 2015 Desk Calender. They are calling them as "Inspired By Modi - Series" . This will available next year  (Second Week of January)
 I have never seen such a craze for a political figure. Modi is every where , Media, twitter, facebook, radio and News Channel and Now on calenders. I believe  he has earned it. But I must say I have loved the whole concept. Magnificent Modi !!! 

Pennyful.in Review

In the endeavor to help you in save more whenever you buy anything online, we are here with our second cash back site. 

As I have already written in my first article that with the advent of booming e-commerce business many sister sites which actually don’t sell any products however yet they help e-commerce major(like flipkart.com, amazon.in  ) to bring more and more customers to sites, for which they get the commission for each product is sold via them. Part of their commission is shared among the site which is in this case is pennyful.in and registered member/users of pennyful.in 

Below is the Guide to Pennyful.in
  1. Logon the site Pennyful.in and signup if you are coming for first time. 
  2. One unique feature they have is that, they authenticate the user mobile number. They will send the 4 digit password to you mobile, once your account is verified. Once you are done with this and ready to buy.
  3. Go to the search bar and find the name or e-commerce site from where you want to buy the product. 

  4. You will get two kind results Cashback and Coupons . 
  5. In the cashback leg you can click and open the merchant site by clicking on the link and buying the product. You will get the cashback in pennyful account 
  6. In coupons section you can click and open the merchant link and apply coupons provided.
  7. Once you complete the transaction, it will get recorded into your account in. This might take 3 to four days. Cash back will be Pending cashback. This means that cashback have been acknowledge and waiting for merchant to release the payment (Actually they pay after return and refund policy of particular site which may wary from 30 days to 3 months.
  8. Once the waiting (pending) period is over, The amount will come in approved cashback.

If you are done with transaction and don’t see anything recorded in your account. You can still go can raise a ticket, they got freshdesk support frame work for the members. 

They have separate rate card tab on the right side for each merchant which clearly depict what you will get when you buy thru pennyful.in which I really like on Pennyful

They have best tracking reports available till date. They even have click tracking report. This is awesome feature which distinguish pennyful from others. 

They have another awesome feature which they called "Cashback Notifier" . They have plugins for both Mozilla and Chrome