How Pennyful Product Search Tool Can Help You Save Money While Shopping Online

Pennyful India

Team at Pennyful India is doing everything that can help you save money every time shop online. They have awesome cashback website, Chrome and Mozilla firefox extension. They have introduced a new product "Pennyful product search" tool that will not only help you in comparing the product price on the major e-retailers like Flipkart,Amazon and Snapdeal but also help earn cashback.

What is Pennyful product search tool :
Whenever we are looking for a product online, what does a normal customer does 
  • Find the product on major websites like flipkart, amazon and snapdeal.
  • Compare the price.
  • Look for discount coupons and #Cashback on the product 
  • Once you check above three steps, you proceed for buying the product

Now you don’t have to do all this, Pennyful is trying to make your online shopping easier and happier. Aim of the product is to make your life simple, less cumbersome and off course help you save your hard earned money.

How does Pennyful product search works:

Now the most important part of the post

  • Go to Pennyful’s website, register yourself, if you have not done so far.

  • Click on the product Search tool 

  • Enter the name of product you wish to buy and click the search bar, You will get result on the page as shown below

Compare the various products with price and cashback amount you will earn 

Things to keep in mind:

Please keep below points in the mind while using the product search tool bar.

  • Always login in to your account and then use product search toolbar that make easier for Pennyful to track you cashback.
  • It is advisable to clear your browser cookies from time to time.
  • Make sure no add plus blocking plugin is active on your browser
  • Always open the fresh browser and close the existing tabs on browser.

Monitor New Files in Folder using Python on Windows

Today I had a requirement of creating a script which usually runs after every 30 minutes or so and looks for changes in the directory or sub directory and Reports in case of addition of file, modification of file or deletion of file.

This is still very crude , but still very helpful

Below Python script have been created in Python 3.3 

Cashback Websites in India

Cashback website is relatively new concept here in India; this is quite common in US, UK and other parts of world. With the rise in Indian economy and booming e-commerce many entrepreneurs are looking to make their mark. In the recent time many niche website that cater to certain group of class have come up.  On the example is “CASHBACK Websites”.  Suddenly in India everybody is talking about cashback websites. Number of such website has hit the linear graph. Some of them were lived for few days, some for many months and those who have succeeded, we will talk about them in below post. 

So what is Cashback website? 

Cashback Website is organization/Website or business model that pay some amount back to you, which you have spent while shopping online through their website or links. 

Why Cashback website will pay you?

Basically they are big affiliates that have tie ups with the e-commerce giants website like flipkart, amazon, snapdealetc.  They get paid to refer you (customers) on their websites to shop.
Almost all the coupons websites, discount coupons website, promo sites, new offers sites and cashback websites uses same concept. So every time you buy a product from them, e-commerce websites pay them some commissions.
Do coupons/promo sites earn when you buy from them?
Answer to this Yes they do, but that should stop you browsing them after all they provide you free coupons (a kind of service) that require efforts and time.

How does cashback websites in India works?

E-commerce organization market their products /website through various means like ADVT in TV, Print media and by paying commission to others (Affiliates).   Every visitor brought by an affiliate is rewarded with certain predefined commissions.   

Let us take an example:  You want to buy a 1000 Rs product from You go and login on cashback website and make a purchase. As Cashback website was an affiliate here so they earn 100 (10%)(just an example) of total cart value.
Now cashback website shares this commission with you. So out of 100 they give 80 Rs back to you and keep 20 Rs as their part of business. They pay customers major part of commission Just to keep them happy and you keeping coming to them again and again.

Are cashback websites really worth using?

Answer is certainly yes, If answer to any of below question is "Yes".
  • If you do shopping online atleast once a month
  • If you pay your utilities bill online(Mobile/Electricity/Gas/broadband)
  • If you recharge your mobile/DTH online

Which Cashback is the best website?

Below is List of leading Cashback Websites in India

If you want to know more about them please follow the below links.

Any question , please shoot in the comment section below

Cashback Website: PaidKart Review

Updated on 17 Feb 2015

With the rise in Indian e-commerce space, Lots of websites that offer cashback have come up in quick time. The problem is that people who are using them, few of them don’t have good experience because after putting lots off efforts (both time and money) they have reach the threshold (Accumulation of cashback, after which they can actually get their money) and at the time of withdrawal they felt cheated and they end up fighting with cashback website on social platforms.

Best advice is to choose a website which don’t have minimum cashback payment threshold. So that as soon you accumulate small sum, you should withdraw

Here comes a cashback site that provides the solution to this problem, “problem of minimum cashback payment threshold “ has no minimum cashback payment threshold

About Paidkart is startup setup by Students of NSIT in November 2014.

Below are some of the features that make paidkart stand out of the crowd of cash back websites.

  • Most important feature is paidart have no minimum cashback payment threshold. So that means even if you 10rs confirmed cashback in your account, you can ask them to transfer to your account or the mode of payment you have chosen.
  • Paidkart have highest options in terms of confirmed you can withdraw. Not available in any of the website we have review till now. 
  • You can see your cashback in terms of money or rewards, for some of the website like flipkart they don’t offer cashback , but rewards point which have value equal to cashback. 1 Reward point is equal to 1 Re.

  • They have most of all the e-commerce vendors across all the categories
  • You just have to choose the store you want to make the purchase. Click on the link and shop as you do.

  • Once you are done with shopping comeback and add the “Final cart value”  and “Products Purchased” and submit the details , which help paidkart team in tracking with vendor you made purchase from.

  • Another feature I really like about them is honest declaration about the cashback you will get once you make purchase from them.
  • You can see your earnings tracked with 2-3 days in paidkart account 

  • Another feature that we really like is referral bonus they offer, They offer upto 12% of the commission earned by your referral. 
  • Paidkart's website is still evolving day by day. I see them in Top 6 Cashback websites in India very soon. Plus they are best in customer support. Must recommended for every body.